Look at this cool stuff

lion fish

Lion Fish

Part of the new exhibit at the Toledo Zoo. A small aquarium, but packed with great fish and coral

seal on a rock

Seal Lion

This photo was taken at Sea Word in San Diego, 2013. There are actually seven species of Sea Lions in the world, but people tend to lump them all into one category. They all belong to a group of animals known as pinnipeds. Fact from sealion-word.com

coral and fish

Coral and Fish

While on vacation in Chicago we took a tour of The Shedd Aquarium.


Sea Horse

This sea horse was trying to hide, but the weeds moved out of the way just in time for me to take his picture. The Shedd Aquarium.

garden eels

Garden Eels

"Dancing spaghetti" also from The Shedd Aquarium.



Looking up at a stingray swimming overhead at Sea World in San Diego, CA.

sea turtle

Sea Turtle

Swimming around enjoying the day. This little beauty can be found at The Tampa Bay Aquarium.



Who knew I could be right under a shark. Again at The Tampa Bay Aquarium

colorful fish

Fish photo from The Shedd in Chicago